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Articles & Speeches by Ravi Chaudhry

How Do We Pursue Governance Beyond Compliance?   15 February 2021
CEOs and Boards Can No Longer Ignore This High-stakes Issue

Equating good compliance with good governance is a flawed premise. Good governance is not about whether an institution follows the laws or not; good governance is about what an institution does beyond the laws. It is time to change the narrative from corporate governance to governance of the corporation. Beyond corporate compliance to corporate character. Beyond making money to how money is made. Beyond corporate lobbying to corporate acknowledgment that society matters and nature matters, more than all the global corporations put together.

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Realistic Fish Eating Unrealistic Fish    – 8 January 2021
Ravi Chaudhry’s interview with a magazine in Europe.

If I was to choose five traits that made it possible for me to experience this inherent resource of dormant wisdom and wealth, or for anyone else, who chooses to embark on this journey, these are presence of three C’s and absence of two A’s: Presence of Compassion, Curiosity, and Clarity, and Absence of Arrogance and Anger.

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ARE YOU ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, BEFORE SEEKING THE ANSWERS?    11 August 2020                         

Jonas Salk, the discoverer of polio vaccine, used to say that “What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question.” Confined within homes or working with limited social contact and mobility, the leaders in governments and business are frantically busy trying to find answers to the avalanche of questions arising all the time. I wonder if we should spend as much time, if not more, on framing the right questions, first.

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BEYOND THE GRAND BIG REALITY SHOW: A New Leadership Race!  June 2020

2020 marks the beginning of a grand big reality show, in which each of us, over seven and a half billion, find ourselves thrust on to a planetary stage. There was no rehearsal, there is no script. We are by ourselves, trying to make sense of the successive scenes flashing across. How long will this continue? When can we go back to where we were? Someone suggests it may not happen. Perhaps never. The curtain falls.

The next Act starts soon. The same Planet. The same actors. But nothing else is the same – at least not now. Many of us are getting resigned to political leaders strengthening their control and deepening the ‘recession of democracy’, while some others are figuring out how the crisis could make the world better.
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What can Humankind do?  1 April 2020


In these turbulent times, marked by uncertainty and inevitability, people often ask what can humankind do to inspire, engage, and empower others. I believe the best response would be for humans to be kind, to everyone – all the time. —-.  See more:

The Big Leadership Challenge: Saving the Human Species.  April 2020

What a tumultuous time it has been! Just when we thought we knew the answers to all life’s questions – we find that the questions have been changed. The business firmament we lived in, is gone for good. We can either let someone else design our “normal”, or else we set out in earnest, to create our own new “normal.” This article is an excerpt from the new book I am writing on “Leadership in the Post-COVID World”. – April 2020

Glad to share the Insights Success issue (September 2019) that includes CeNext Consulting among The 10 Most Recommended Management and Strategy Consultants.

 CeNext Consulting profile in Insights Success – September 2019
Beyond CSR: Emergence of SRC – A Socially Responsible Corporation 

Article on beCause blog : 8th March 2018

A new yardstick: Base camp traits not enough for leaders to steer businesses in 21st Century

Why we have Fewer Good Leaders: Article on beCause blog

The Biggest Obstacles to a Country’s Growth lie within the Country and not Outside
Interview with The Slovenia Times, Ljubljana – 19 August 2015 

EthicMark – A Global Initiative to make a Difference 
Article by Ravi Chaudhry, Member, Judges Panel, EthicMark Awards ©

The Future of India Russia Relations
Article published by Russian International Affairs Council, Moscow – December 2014

People all over the world have more that unites them than divides them
Article written for BMW Global Foundation, Berlin – October 2014

Responsible Entrepreneurship is the Key Driver of Responsible Leadership in the Nation
Address by Ravi Chaudhry, Chairman of CeNext Consulting: 23rd March 2013, at The Next Great Entrepreneur Meet: 2013, New Delhi
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Ravi Chaudhry’s Address on Transformimg India at IIC New Delhi – 9Jan2013
I am most humbled that in our Winter of Discontent, such a distinguished group of knowledgeable citizens have braved real winter to join our dialogue today.
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Lure of the Green Card for Sustainability
Ravi Chaudhry’s Article in Business Standard – issue dated 7th January 2013:

Corporate Social Responsibility – A pre-requisite for Success Hereafter
Ravi Chaudhry’s Address at 2nd Annual Canada-India Business Forum, New Delhi 6th November 2012
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Re-inventing Strategy to Cope with Future
Ravi Chaudhry’s Address at Pakistan India Management Summit, Lahore, Pakistan. 20 September 2012
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Interview with Financial Express
A company that makes only money is considered to be a poor company
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Speech on Exceptional Leadership Award for Ratan Tata
Fellow residents of Planet earth, we are gathered here this evening to honour Mr Ratan Tata.
What exactly do we mean – when we say – honour someone.
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