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CeNext Consulting profile in Insights Success – September 2019

CeNext Consulting: To Help you Navigate through Complexities

Motivation and empowerment have always been the key drivers for every task well done, and every work successfully completed. This indeed is the prime feature that distinguishes great performers from the also-ran. In business especially, when there are multiple risks and imponderables all the time; inspiring words become the effective catalyst in uplifting the minds and the spirits of the leadership team. Many times, inspiration is just not enough. Even successful people need a helping hand when they come across a plethora of seemingly conflicting issues in their professional or personal life. Therefore, seeking guidance from those who know better is quite a normal response. In fact, it is fully justified. There is no need to re-invent the wheel – when it is possible to seek guidance from those who have done it before and done it well. Timely advice can indeed foster an individual’s or an organization’s potential for creating a better future.

Stemming from the rising demand for wise and practical inputs from companies and CEOs, CeNext Consulting & Investment Pvt Ltd. is making its name known across the globe. It is a unique one-of-its-kind strategy counselling firm that believes in profits with conscience, growth with equity and compatibility with nature. CeNext is known for its ‘holistic work-ethic’ approach which ensures its analysis and recommendations are anchored on the need to be in sync with new realities – social consciousness, environmental issues, cross-cultural aspects, and a non-negotiable set of ethics.

Exceptionally Intellectual Force

Ravi Chaudhry – Founder/Chairman, established the firm in 1995. Earlier, he was Chairman /CEO of four companies in Tata Group, India. Almost for three decades, he managed operations that encompassed the manufacturing and marketing of a diverse range of products and services. That included industrial electronics and engineering products (including ball and roller bearings and packaging machinery), cotton yarn and textiles, shipping, infrastructure and logistics, consumer durables, specialty chemicals, financial services, and retail. As a mechanical engineer, he gained grass-roots experience first as Factory Manager and then as General Sales Manager, before taking on the mantle of CEO in the companies

“It is this first-hand experience in virtually every facet of business in a most diversified portfolio that gave me the confidence to set up my consulting company and it has been the most satisfying endeavour,” says Ravi. Today, he is internationally known as an author, a futurist, a public speaker, a Fellow of World Business Academy, USA (a network of global thought leaders), and a leadership guru. His book, ‘Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality’ has been widely acclaimed as ‘a contemporary masterpiece, and the best book on leadership in years’.

He continues to be on the Boards of several institutions, including: ‘Advisory Board of Ethical Markets USA’ and Co-Chair, Ethic Mark Judges Panel USA. Member, New Civilization Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, Japan, and Expert, Katerva – the ‘Nobel Prize for Sustainability’. He has also been a part of the ‘Club of Rome Initiative for Ethics in the 21st century.’

Ashwin Chaudhry – Managing Director, CeNext Consulting is head of Investments Division. He was previously based in New York for more than fourteen years managing a $1 Billion Alternative Investments portfolio at NATIXIS Alternative Investments. Before that, he was managing a similar portfolio at Celestar Capital Advisors and AXA Investment Managers in New York. He did his MA in International Finance and Economics from Brandeis University, USA, along with International Business Studies at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University – the Netherlands and BA in Economics from Brandeis University.

Proven Expertise in Unique Niches

CeNext has established strong credentials in four key niches:

  • Assisting Leaders in business and society to keep abreast of the ever-changing geo-political and geo-economic scenario, continuously tracking the new ‘Trajectory of Technology and Trends, & Opportunities and Risks’, while building an Agile Organization. Not just to survive, but prevail, and also assure a reasonable return on investments.
  • Conducting a ‘Strategy Dialogue to Review, Re-align, and Re-strategize Global Business Plans’ and ‘Evolve a New Integrated Business Strategy,’ compatible with contemporary realities. The seven-step process focuses on organizational capabilities, alliance opportunities, clarity of objectives and unambiguous priorities with definitive rationale. The outcome is an ‘Agile Aligned Leadership Team’ with a new ‘Action Agenda’, and a new business template. The company also identifies potential Alliance Partners for overseas companies in India & Indian companies overseas.
  • An investment advisory service for global institutional investors, sovereign wealth and pension funds, family businesses and foundations, on their investment strategies in the US, Europe and Asia (particularly India, China & Vietnam), as well as assisting global private equity funds, hedge funds and private companies in raising capital. The firm has expertise across multiple asset classes: Private Equity, Public Equities, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, and Direct Investments & Co-Investments.
  • Mentorship to CEOs, Corporate Boards, Governments, Academia, and Civil Societies, on ‘Strategy, Agility, Mindfulness, and Creativity’. This is achieved by helping them activate their dormant strengths and acquire the ‘new traits of exceptional leadership’ necessary to ‘cope with the future’.

CeNext’s clientele includes global conglomerates such as BASF and BMW (Germany), DHV (Holland), Sunstar (Japan), Sabanci (Turkey), Domino Sciences (U.K.), Perfetti (Italy), A1 Group (Slovenia), and many other leading Indian companies. The list also includes Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, Norway, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The Guiding Light

Ravi shows the path to young and budding entrepreneurs with his usual clarity: “It is a wonderful time for the young – once again. You can sense that a powerful hammer is fracturing the world we knew. So many established corporations and institutions are falling by the wayside – just because they failed to adapt to the change. It is a new world and it will have new winners. You have as good a chance to succeed as anyone else. But do remember that the end of privacy in the world of constant surveillance makes it necessary for a leader to be more transparent and more diligent than ever before.”

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