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Quest for Exceptional Leadership

Quest for Exceptional LeadershipWidely acclaimed as a contemporary masterpiece, the Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality is a discerning analysis of the leadership vacuum that now pervades all sections of society. The author traces the emergence of seven powerful forces that have initiated an irreversible process of transition to a new fifth phase of human enterprise, impelled by the premise that ‘each of us deserves a better world’. It is a wake-up alert for all leaders in business and society to accept the new realism and embrace the three non-negotiable leadership traits that are vital for success hereafter. The book is not just a thought-provoker; it is also an action provoker, to help you cope with future, with a rejuvenated mind-set and an invigorated heart-set.

The 2nd Edition of the book is profoundly enriched by two new chapters: a preface: Why we have fewer Good Leaders, and a postscript: Persistent Doubts; Perennial Questions. The innovative concepts that are already a part of the new leadership folklore: ‘Four-Quadrant Matrix of Choice’, ‘Five Circles of Leadership Attitudes’, the ‘Triple Top Line of Joy, Peace and Contentment’ and ‘The Journey from Base Camp Leadership Traits to the Summit of Exceptional Leadership’, have all been updated with many inspiring insights that leave a lasting imprint on the reader.

Quest for Exceptional Leadership is a rare book that directly addresses the vital concern of successful business leaders today: How to continue to be successful tomorrow? Based on an incisive scan of history, the author outlines the onset of a new fifth phase of human enterprise that is not only redefining the criteria of success, but also re-contouring the routes to success. Even the skills required to stay successful are being re-configured. Supported by irrefutable rationale and relevant examples from all over the world, the author makes a compelling case that the leaders of tomorrow have a small window of time to understand the new realism and acquire the new leadership traits, to ensure sustained and sustainable success.

The book is full of pertinent facts, inspiring stories, and credible take-aways, for leaders of today as well as the aspiring leaders of tomorrow. The succinct charts and illustrations, along with the diagrammatic presentations of all new concepts make stimulating companions, as the reader continues her journey to the summit of exceptional leadership.

It is a book about values, not as they figure in corporate vision statements, but values as they are practiced. Not values that are quoted in a company’s corporate social responsibility roster, but fundamental values that comprise the core DNA of corporate character. Vales that are reflected in everything that a company does, values that ultimately determine if a company is a socially responsible corporation or not.

Chaudhry acknowledges and addresses the two key challenges that confront us today: How to transform today’s leaders and how to transform today the leaders of tomorrow? In practical terms, this means: How to de-corrupt the minds of today’s leaders and how to make the minds of coming generations in-corruptible?

He prompts all leaders to pursue with passion the Triple Bottom Line criteria of profits with conscience, growth with equity and compatibility with nature. In the bargain, he promises them a pleasant surprise that will lead them to a ‘Triple Top Line’ of joy, peace and contentment in their personal lives. Not only for them, but also in the personal lives of people all around.

It is a commonly held perception that business objectives and society’s needs tend to be like the two tracks of a railway line. Looking ahead from any point, they appear to converge in the distance; in reality, they never do. This book shows a way to do precisely that. From Mirage to Reality.

The author does not get distracted to focus much on ‘what is’, his skill lies in envisioning ‘what is possible’, and laying out a clear path on how to get from ‘here to there’. He has a great message and he knows well how to articulate it, with light, perspective and prescription.

The book outlines an action blue print on how corporate leaders can improve corporate performance as well as help transform societies, by marginally transforming themselves. The book promotes a new vocabulary of success and makes a persuasive case for “a way of leadership that looks upon all dialogue as a dialogue among humans, of humans, for humans”.

The author looks forward to the day when leading Business Schools of the world will change the nomenclature of their coveted Master’s Programme from MBA (Masters in Business Administration) to MBC (Masters in Business with Conscience), and when the Fortune 500 Corporations will insist that the management graduates they recruit should come only from MBC stream. This transition from ‘MBA to MBC’ culture would be more than a symbolic change. It would be an unmistakable clarion call from the business community that they are truly ready to embrace change.

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